Pet Urns Australia

After making the difficult decision to cremate your pet once they have passed, you begin the search for a pet urn.

Because so many pet owners do have their animal friends cremated, there is a lot of availability for unique and special pet urns.

Whether searching online or finding someplace closer to home, you’re sure to find something to speak to your heart.

Keep reading for more information on pet urns in Australia.

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Pet Memorial Rocks and Dog Plaques for Graves

Pet memorial stone and marker

After your beloved pet passes away and you’ve buried or cremated him the next thing you will want to do is honour his memory in some fashion.

There are several ways you can honour your beloved furry companion after his passing.

Pet memorial rocks and dog plaques for graves are a couple of the popular methods of honouring your deceased pet.

Keep reading for more information on a variety of pet memorial rocks and dog plaques for graves.

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Pet Cemetery Sydney

Pet cemetery Sydney - berkshire park

What do you do with your pet’s remains after they have crossed the rainbow bridge?

Sometimes people like to have them cremated and keep their ashes in an urn, but others prefer to bury their pet.

If you aren’t allowed or do not want to bury your pet in your backyard, or possibly you don’t have a backyard, then what are your options?

Fortunately, pet cemeteries are an option that is available to many pet owners and we’ve gathered information for you in the following article to help you decide if a pet cemetery in Sydney is the right option for you.

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What to Do When Your Dog Dies at Home

What should You Do When Your Dog Dies at Home

It is an unfortunate reality that as pet owners, there is a very real possibility our furry friends could die while at home.

Most of us don’t know what to do when your dog dies at home in Sydney, Australia.

We’ve compiled some important information to help you know what to do when your dog dies and how to handle the situation.

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