Pet Cremation in Canberra

Find a Pet Cemetery in your local area to respectfully bring your beloved pet to their final resting place.

Pet Cremation Services Available in Canberra, Australia

Losing a beloved pet is often just as difficult, if not more so, as losing a human family member.

It can be hard to know what to do when your pet crosses the rainbow bridge, but pet crematoriums offer pet owners a way to lay your pet to rest with dignity and respect.

Pet cremation in Canberra and the surrounding communities may be just the answer you’re looking for to lay your furry, feathered or scaled animal companion to rest with care and love.

Why Choose Pet Cremation in Canberra?

The practice of having pets cremated has grown significantly over the years and continues to do so and for good reason. For many pet owners, our pets become a member of our family and we want to show them respect in our final act as their owner. We owe it to them.

The idea of having our pet disposed of without our input is just too much to bear and we need to have some closure and peace about their final rest. Pet cremation allows us to do that.

Pet Cremation Canberra

Options for Pet Cremation in Canberra

Crematoriums offer individual or group cremations. The option is up to you and of course your budget. Depending on the crematorium, your pet may be picked up from your home or veterinary office and then returned back to you.

Usually you can choose the vessel your pets ashes are returned to you in, either a nice bag, a wooden box, or an urn. Sometimes you can even purchase jewelry that can hold a tiny amount of your pet’s ashes to keep them close to you at all times. 

Pet Crematoriums Canberra

Pet Crematoriums Available in Canberra

Pets at Peace

Pets at Peace are a family owned and operated pet crematorium in Canberra with more than 20 years of experience in pet aftercare. They offer individual pet cremations and door to door service.

The standard service includes a handmade pottery urn. Also available are pewter urns, wooden boxes and photo boxes. If you wish to scatter your pet’s ashes you can choose a scatter box instead.

Pets at Peace also has memorial photo frames with paw imprint as well as engraved name plaques. A large assortment of memorial jewelry is also available in bracelets and pendants, including glass pendants that have a tiny amount of ashes infused in the glass. 

Location: 43 Merriman Cres
MacArthur ACT 2904

Phone: 0413 316 974

Hours of operation: 7 days per week

Paw Bearers

Paw Bearers offers provate or group pet cremations and door to door service with ashes returned within 3 to 5 working days in Canberra and the surrounding suburbs.

Paw Bearers offers a variety of vessels to choose from depending on the package you choose. From a scatter tin or burial container to their large selection of urns, you will surely find something fitting for your pet.

Location: 5 Lesueur Pl, Banks, ACT 2906
Phone: 0413 130 918

Hours of operation: 7 days per week, all hours

Cat Cremation Canberra

If you have recently lost your pet or are planning ahead, we hope you can find peace knowing there are options for you and your beloved animal companion. Whether you wish to keep your pet on your mantel or scatter their ashes at a special location, pet cremation in Canberra can offer you the choices you need.