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Do you have a plan for when your pet passes away?

Often we don’t think of what we need to do and what the next step is, but many people are turning to vet cremation services.

Review the following article to find out more about vet cremation services in Australia.

Vet Cremation Services Provided in Australia

It is Difficult to Lose a Pet

Many of us enjoy the loving companionship of a furry, four-legged friend by our side. Sadly, as with all living things, they cannot live forever.

It is heartbreaking when our pets become sick, injured or simply just too old and fragile to go on and they pass on their own or with the assistance of euthanasia.

Humans and animals relate to one another in an amazing way. Somehow this other species becomes as important to us as our own human family members.

Because of this, we want to show them the same respect and dignity as we would our human family members when they pass on.

What Do You Do When Your Pet Dies?

Many pet owners have begun turning to vet cremation services in  Australia to handle the remains of their pets after they die. Often pet owners have to employ the services of a vet to euthanize their beloved pet to end their suffering.

However, vet offices do not cremate the pet’s remains themselves. Vet cremation services can pick up your pet’s remains from the vet’s office.

Vet cremation services can also pick up your pet from your home.

Then return the ashes to you there or somewhere else if you plan to have a memorial ceremony.

What is the Cremation Process?

The cremation process is when an animals remains are exposed to extreme heat until all that remains is their ashes.

What do you do when your pet passes away?

If you have not previously made arrangements with a vet cremation service,  we can help arrange this service. They will help you get the process started and take the pressure off of you.

What happens if your pet is put down at the vet?

We are able to pick up your pet’s remains directly from the vet’s office and return the ashes to your vet or to your home.

Compassionate Vet Cremation Services Australia

What are vet cremation services options?

Your pet may be cremated with other pets or individually. We can discuss which option is best for you.

How long does cremation take?

The entire process from collection of your pet from the vet or your home and the return of their ashes takes about 3 to 4 days.

What do you do after the ashes are returned to you?

There are several ways to preserve your pet’s memory once they’ve passed away. Many owners like to keep their pet’s ashes in a nice urn or box as a regular reminder of their beloved pet.

For some, the daily, or nearly daily reminder is too painful so they may choose to scatter the ashes or bury them in their container.

For our little Maggy, my grandfather made a nice wooden box with a lovely stain and a wooden heart. We buried her ashes in the box near our back porch.

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