Pet Cremation Newcastle

Find a Pet Cemetery in your local area to respectfully bring your beloved pet to their final resting place.

Pet Cremation Services Available in Newcastle, NSW

Knowing what to do when your beloved pet crosses the rainbow bridge can be quite daunting.

Local and personalised pet cremation services have become a more accessible option for pet owners in recent years as a way to say goodbye to their pets with dignity.

For more information, keep reading about pet cremation options in Newcastle. 

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Why Pet Cremation in Newcastle?

Our pets are our best friends and confidantes. Pets listen to us without judgment and love us without condition.

So it only makes sense that when they cross the rainbow bridge we want to lay them to rest with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Some pet crematoriums offer both communal and individual pet cremations. With individual pet cremations you can be sure you receive only your pets ashes back.

When your pet is cremated and their ashes are returned to you, there are several options for what to do with them.

Many pet owners like to keep their pets nearby in an urn or a lovely box reverently displayed on a mantel or shelf. Some like to display a collar or favourite toy alongside.

Pet cremation services usually pick up your pet from your home and return them back to you in a relatively short time frame.

Pet crematoriums are often family owned and run and take special pride in treating your animal friends with great care. 

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Where Can I Find Pet Cremation in Newcastle?

There are several pet crematoriums in the Newcastle area and most of them offer door to door service and individual pet cremation. 

Newcastle and Hunter Pet Crematorium

Family owned and operated business since 1985 located north of Newcastle.
Individual cremations only and a 10 step documented process ensure only your pets ashes are returned.
Serves the Newcastle, Central Coast and Hunter Valley regions.
Has an acreage for ashes to be scattered if owner does not wish to have them returned.

Phone: 02 4982 6395
After Hours Ph: 0413 911 047

Location: 462 Marsh Rd, Bobs Farm NSW 2316


Pets at Peace

Family owned and operated crematorium that offers only individual pet cremations.
Offers door to door service, picking up your pet from your home or vet’s office and returning their ashes within 2 to 4 working days.

Phone: 1800 636 798 24 hours, 7 days per week Freecall
Mobile: 0418 489 795


Furry Friends Farewells

Furry Friends Farewells serves the Newcastle, Central Coast and Hunter Valley areas.
Family owned and run pet crematorium.
Takes care of all types of pets up to 100 kg.
Only performs individual pet cremations.
High quality tracking system to ensure you receive your pets ashes.
Ashes usually returned within 1 week.

Phone: (02) 4989 7800

Address: Shed 2, 29 Enterprise Drive, Beresfield NSW 2322



Our pets are also our family members. As such, we want to provide for them on final act of love in remembrance of the love they showed us. While laying your beloved animal companion to rest is often very difficult, a pet cremation in Newcastle is a good way to do so while showing them the respect they deserve.