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We believe paws are one of the most special and unique parts of our beloved pets so when the time comes to say goodbye, paws to print related memorabilia can be a precious way to remember your departed cat or dog. 

Both cats and dogs are born with unique paw prints, making paw castings and clay paw print kits very personal and specific to your special companion. 


Pet Paw Print Kits Australia

Pet paw print kits have become a very common way in which pet parents honour their departed companions but this can also be done while pets are still with us. 

Being able to reflect and look at your pet’s paw prints after they’ve passed can be very significant when going through stages of mourning.

In this article, we will be exploring what pet paw print kits really are, how you can use it to remember a departed cat or dog, and what the different types of prints are. 

We will also cover 12 of our favourite pet paw print kits in Australia in the hopes we can help you find the perfect pick for you and your pets.

How Do Pet Paw Print Kits Work?

Paws to print refers to the process of obtaining paw print impressions and then using them to decorate ornamental pet memorial items like paintings, cards, picture frames, and much more.

Getting cat and dog paw print impressions can be done in a few different ways. 

They are commonly taken by vets after euthanasia using ink and quality card paper. Dog paws to print and cat paws to print are typically offered as part of a pet euthanasia service with vets or insurance providers. These prints can then be scanned and made digital for use in many ways.

Paw prints can also be obtained using clay impression pads. Usually servicing a more decorative function, clay paw print pads are common remembrance pieces for both cats and dogs. 

Lastly, many pet owners with dogs or cats that are still with them choose to get their pet's paws at home using a DIY pet paw print kit. 

There are many types of kits and memorabilia items you can embellish at home using paw prints which we will be discussing in the next section. 

Pet Paw Print Kits: Types of Paw Castings and Prints

There’s lots you can do with pet paw prints. They offer a great focus for remembering beloved pets that have left us and we as pet owners get to choose how we wish to use these prints. 

Paw to Prints

DIY Dog and Cat Memorial Remembrance Items

Paw print impressions can be used alongside pictures and messages in many pet memorial items and keepsakes like picture frames, paintings, statues, clay ornaments, memorial markers, and much more. 

Memorial Pet Tattoos

Many pet owners may choose to remember their beloved cat or dog by getting their paw prints tattooed on them. Paw prints can make for cute and aesthetic tattoos while still maintaining meaningfulness in their existence. 

Ink Paw Prints

Ink print impressions can be done at vets for deceased pets or can be done at home with DIY kits while pets are still alive. The ink used should be of a high quality, like archival ink and quality paper should be used to get the cleanest possible print.

Original prints can be used for memorial items or scanned to be used in other interesting ways. 

Clay Paw Print Impressions

Many craft stores offer air-dry clay which is great for making cat and dog paw prints. Paw castings can be used in many clay ornaments and pottery pieces. There are also many decorative clay pet paw print kit options online for a simple and effective remembrance. 

Digital Paw Prints

After paw prints have been scanned and made digital, you can use them for a wide variety of purposes. Whether just as a phone or desktop wallpaper, or something more extravagant that is edited and designed around the paw prints for a special memorial item for your lost cat or dog. 

Paw Castings

Casting pet paws is a wonderful way to remember a departed loyal companion. It is the process of forming a mould around pet paws and then removing it to get a unique and specific paw casting for your cat or dog.

Castings can be used to make ornamental statues and other decorative memorial items. Castings are available in many different materials. 

12 Beautiful Pet Paw Print Kits in Australia

1. Dog and Cat Pawprint Keepsake Photo Frame with Clay Imprint Kit

Dog and Cat Pawprint Keepsake Photo Frame with Clay Imprint Kit

A beautifully classic hinged photo frame that includes a no-mess air clay impression pad that is placed next to a photo frame. Perfect for placing on any desk or tabletop around the house to remember your dear pet. 

Get this kit here

2. Inkless Dog and Cat Paw Print Kit

Inkless Dog and Cat Paw Print Kit

This award-winning pet paw print kit is easy to use and very effective for making prints for both cats and dogs. The kit is inkless and fuss-free – simply wipe your pet’s paws with a special wipe then gently press onto the coated paper.

A beautifully detailed print will appear, and wipes are non-toxic and safe for pets and babies. 

Get this kit here

3. Pet Paw Print Pad

Pet Paw Print Pad

Simple, effective, and affordable, this paw print pad is perfect for both cats and dogs. The pad ensures that your pet’s paws never touch the ink, so it is clean and safe for your furry companion.

Get this kit here

4. Extra Large Clean Touch Inkless Pad for Pet Paw Prints

Extra Large Clean Touch Inkless Pad for Pet Paw Prints

A very well-reviewed pet paw print kit in Australia thanks to how easy it is to use with its extra-large ink pad and mess-free design. Another paws to print kit that is suitable for both cats and dogs is also non-toxic and completely safe. 

Get this kit here

5. Pet Paw Life Casting Kit

Pet Paw Life Casting Kit

Capture a meaningful moment with your favourite furry friend by making a cast of your pet’s paw. This kit is easy to use and makes for a fun activity for families.

Finished casts make for beautiful gifts or ornaments dotted around the house to remember your pet for a lifetime.

Get this kit here

6. 3D Paw Castings Kit

3D Paw Castings Kit

This unique 3D pet keepsake kit allows you to preserve magical and tangible memories with your pet in excellent detail. Suitable for cats and dogs, this casting kit is well-reviewed, easy to use, wiggle-friendly, and long-lasting. 

Get this kit here

7. Ultimate Pawprint Keepsake Ornament Kit

Ultimate Pawprint Keepsake Ornament Kit

A gorgeous DIY pet keepsake kit that can be used to make 2 keepsakes using quality air-dry clay. The kit comes with a bunch of decorative accessories for any occasion or special memorial feature.

A great gift for children who want to remember lost pets.

Get this kit here

8. Hand and Paw Casting Kit

Hand and Paw Casting Kit

Create a beautiful and ever-lasting cast of your hand holding your pets with this professional casting kit. The skin-safe alginate powder is non-toxic and completely safe for pets and has a speedy setting time of only 1 minute, perfect for wiggly doggies. 

Get this kit here

9. Paw Print Picture Frame Kit for Pets

Paw Print Picture Frame Kit for Pets

We adore this elegantly simple yet impactful pet memorial picture frame. Suited to both cats and dogs, this paws to print kit allows pet parents to place two pictures into its frame with a beautiful space for their paw prints in the centre.

This frame kit is well-reviewed and offers great value for money. 

Get this kit here

10. Clay Paw Print Kit for Dog and Cat Keepsakes 

Clay Paw Print Kit for Dog and Cat Keepsakes

This adorable pet keepsake kit features a black leather box design with the capacity for a favoured picture and clay paw print. The paw print pad is easy to use, and the entire keepsake can look fantastic anywhere around the house thanks to its decorative and accessible design. 

Get this kit here

11. DIY Pet Paw Casting Kit

DIY Pet Paw Casting Kit

A wonderful casting kit that allows you to choose from four attractive casting colour options, propping delicate paw casts into a fully customisable frame kit. The kit comes with everything you would need to create a beautiful and long-lasting memorial for your departed pet cat or dog. 

Get this kit here

12. Pet Pawprints Wall Picture Frame and Clay Impression Kit 

Pet Pawprints Wall Picture Frame and Clay Impression Kit

A fantastic all-round pet keepsake and memorial picture frame to remember your cat or dog for years to come. The frame has space for a large photo of your companion with a pillowy air-clay impression pad next to it, perfect for capturing an endearing and reflective space to remember a beloved departed pet.

Get this kit here

Paws to Print Frequently Asked Questions

How to do a pet’s paw print at home?

Find a good piece of playdough or pottery clay and gently roll it out with a rolling pin so you have a nice and flat area on the floor. Gently press your fur baby’s paw into the medium to get a paw print.

What paint to use for pet paw prints?

It is recommended to use a non-toxic washable paint or similar washable ink pad in whichever colours you like. You can find these products online or in craft stores. 

What clay is best for paw prints?

You’ll want to use a clay that is soft to work with and fast drying. We recommend using either Sculpey III Clay or quality air-dry clay. 

What ink is safe for paw prints?

It is important to use non-toxic ink like archival ink as it is also less likely to fade over time. 

Where should you put a paw print tattoo?

Many pet parents honour their departed pets with tattoos of their paw prints. Placing the prints over the heart can be very symbolic but it's your choice in the end. 

Do pet castings work for cats and dogs?

Yes, of course. Both cat and dog paws can be cast. Cats do tend to be a little trickier to work with though. 

Does a pet paw print kit work for cats and dogs?

Yes, most pet paw print kits are suitable for both cats and dogs. Just in case, try to look at the product details to make sure the kit will work for you and your furry friend. 

For more detailed advice for grieving the death of a beloved pet, be sure to have a look at some of our other helpful guides here.

Pet Paw Print Kit – Helping Pet Parents Remember Their Special Companions

We hope this article has shed some light on how paws to print related memorabilia works and the options you have as a pet owner in Australia. Reflecting on our fondest memories with our loyal companions while looking at their unique paw prints after they’ve passed can be a very powerful and comforting experience during times of mourning.  

Find your perfect pet paw print kit to remember your beloved pets the way you want to for years to come. 

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