Pet Cremation Sydney

If you have recently lost your four-legged family member or maybe soon, consider our pet cremation in Sydney.

We specialise in helping bring your beloved pet to his or her final resting place.

We are all pet lovers here too and want to help ease your burden by taking care of this last difficult, but necessary decision.

Please continue reading to find out more about our pet cremations in Sydney.


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Pets are Furry Family Members

Pets are a member of your family. We know, and we understand because they are also part of ours. You welcome a pet into your home, be it a puppy or an adult, and you begin to love them right away.

Over time you become accustomed to their unwavering and unconditional love. You expect to see them happy and excited when you come home from a long day at work.

When you lose your pet and they cross the rainbow bridge, we understand how much it hurts. It is difficult to make decisions about what to do with his or her remains as you are initially just trying to take in the loss of your pet.

While this may seem a morbid thought, it is better to consider it now than just after your pet has passed.

Many pet owners choose pet cremation in Sydney for their beloved pets remains.


Why Choose Pet Cremation?

Cremation is a good way to be able to keep your pets remains. Much like many humans do with their family members.

Pets can be one of your closest family members. Therefore, choosing to keep their remains close can make a lot of sense in the healing process and to honour your loved one.

You can still bury your pet’s ashes or keep them in a nice container or an urn. You could have your pets name etched on a beautifully crafted wooden box or an urn in the colour of your pet’s collar.

Sometimes owners like to scatter their pet’s ashes. You can scatter them in your pets yard, their favourite park, or another place that is meaningful to you.


Options for Pet Cremation in Sydney

There are a few different pet cremation services. Communal, individual or partitioned, and private are the options for pet cremation in Sydney that we offer.

Communal cremation is when your pet is joined with other pets. They are cremated together and then their ashes are scattered together. Unfortunately, with communal cremation, you cannot have your pet’s ashes returned to you.

Individual or partitioned cremation is when your pet’s remains are cremated with other pets, but they are separated by partitions. This ensures that only your pets ashes are returned to you.

A private cremation is when your pet’s remains are cremated completely apart from any other pets. You will receive your pet’s ashes afterwards to keep.


Other Important Pet Cremation Considerations

It takes up to three days to have yours pets remains returned to you, depending on the type of cremation service you choose.

You can bring your pets remains directly to us or have us transport your pets remains from the veterinary hospital or even from your home.

You may even include small mementos such as letters, flowers, or pictures to be cremated with your pet as part of your tribute to their memory.


Pet Cremations in Sydney NSW - Pet Memorial Australia


It is always difficult to think of the end of a loved one’s life. Doing so helps you to grieve and heal as well as to properly honour the life of your pet.

We understand that they are your family and you want them to be treated with honour and respect even as they are laid to rest. Please contact us about our pet cremation in Sydney, Australia.