Pet and Dog Cremation Perth

Find a Pet Cemetery in your local area to respectfully bring your beloved pet to their final resting place.

Pet Cremation Services Available in Perth, Australia

Saying goodbye to our beloved dogs, cats and other pets is something that all pet owners face. 

We know how hard it can be to lose a furry family member and knowing your options on how to lay them to rest can help with some difficult decision making during such a sad time.

Pet cremation in Perth is available for all pet owners as a a personalised and respectful option for your family.

Why Pet and Dog Cremation in Perth? 

Dog cremation in Perth, and cremation of any beloved pets, is conducted by professional teams of caring staff at crematoriums dedicated to providing you and your pets with the same care they would give their own pets.

The process of dog cremation in Perth is the breaking down of your dogs physical components using extremely high heat and resulting in ashes. The actual cremation process usually takes around two hours.

Cremation is a good option for many pet owners because they have the ability to keep their pet’s ashes in an urn, to scatter their pet’s ashes someplace special, or to bury their ashes in their garden.

Most pet owners choose dog cremation in Perth so that they are able to keep their pets ashes in an urn, making them portable in case of future moves to new homes.

In addition to choosing dog cremation in Perth, many pet owners also feel they need to have a funeral service to say farewell to their animal companion.

Also, there is a wide variety of memorial plaques, jewellery and other commemorative items available for pet owners that would like to memorialise their pets in another manner.

dog cremation perth

Pet and Dog Crematoria Available in Perth

Blue Leaf Water Cremation

Blue Leaf Water Cremation Logo

Blue Leaf Water Cremation, is a new pet crematorium in Perth. At Blue Leaf they do not use the traditional fire method of cremation but instead they provide a water cremation service.

This process is more gentle on the remains. It is a process which can take around 20 hrs depending on the size of your dog. The process has 95% water and 5% of an alkalie substance that gently washes over the remains until just the cremains are left (similar to ashes).

Blue Leaf water cremation are available 24 hrs and offer a home and vet collection and drop off service.

Meet Catherine from Blue Leaf and learn about pet water cremations in the interview I did with her here

Address: Unit 12/55 Erceg Rd, Yangebup WA 6164
Mobile: 0419-580-369


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Finowen Pet Cremations

Finowen Pet Cremations is a family-owned business who are with your pet at each stage in the process ensuring that the ashes you receive back are your pet’s only.

Finowen Pet Cremations will pick up your dog or other pet’s remains from your home, transport them to their facility, and return your pet within 10 days in the vessel of your choice.

All of the cremations are individual cremations.

Finowen has a large selection of vessels to choose from, ranging from simple garden burial boxes, to felt bags, intricate urns, photo boxes and other keepsakes.

Phone: 9390 1706
Mobile: 0418 934 528


Passing Paws Pet Cremations

Passing Paws is a caring and compassionate team of animal lovers who provide pet cremation services to the Perth area.

The crematory at Passing Paws uses a secure system to ensure that the ashes you receive back are your pet’s only.

Some owners may find peace of mind with the ability to view their pet being placed into the crematory on an iPad.

Passing Paws offers same-day cremation and return of ashes as the day of your pet’s passing.

The facility is designed to offer pet owners the ability to have private viewings and funerals with the assistance of a Celebrant in either the chapel or Garden of Rest.

Address: 2/26 Greenwich Parade
Neerabup, WA 6031

Phone: 08 9306 2736

Mobile: 0450 772 973


Passing Paws is available 24/7 for pet collections.
Office Hours are: Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Lawnswood Pet Cremation and Cemetery

Lawnswood Pet Cremation and Cemetery has been providing pet cremation services since 1984 and uses unique identification numbers to ensure the ashes you receive back are your pet’s ashes.

Lawnswood will collect from your home in Perth and surrounding areas of Western Australia.

Individual cremation service includes weekday collection of your pet, individual cremation, and delivery of your pet’s ashes in the vessel you choose, with an option for same day service.

Viewing rooms are available for pet owners that wish to view the cremation, and a pet cemetery is available for those who wish to bury their pet's ashes.

Lawnswood offers pet cremation services for dogs, cats, horses and other animals, as well as offering free cremation services for guide dogs.

Address: 21 Stanford Way
Malaga, WA 6090

Phone: 08 920 8540

Available 7 days per week, from 7 AM to 9 PM

Perth Pet Cremation

Perth Pet Cremation offers several packages in a variety of price options to fit any budget. Their packages usually include keepsakes and a variety of vessels.

The Kids Pack is available to help your child through the grief process and includes an angel teddy bear, a booklet explaining the Rainbow Bridge, a felt cloud to hold keepsakes and Rainbow Dust to sprinkle someplace special in remembrance of their pet.

Selection of memorial jewellery also available to keep your pet close to your heart.

Private viewings prior to the cremation of your pet are available for your family and even your other pets.

Address: Unit 1/95 Bannister Rd.
Canning Vale, WA 6155

Phone: 08 9455 1180


dog cremation perth

While saying farewell to your animal companion is no easy task, laying them to rest with dignity and respect is one significant way to help ease your grief.

Whether you wish to bury your pet, scatter their ashes, or keep them in an urn dog cremation in Perth, and cremation of any beloved animal companions allows you to have options for their final rest.