When your beloved pet has passed, deciding what to do with his remains can be difficult.

Therefore, many pet owners turn to cremation for a number of reasons.

For more information, continue reading to find out more about pet cremation in the Penrith area.




Why Consider Pet Cremation in Penrith?

Pet cremation offers a solution to pet owners that are generally inexpensive.

If you have the ability to bury your pet in your yard, that would obviously be the least expensive. However, this isn’t always an option for all pet owners.

Also, cremating your pet allows you to keep his ashes in a small box or urn that you can easily take with you when you move to a new location.

Additionally, some pet owners like to be able to scatter their pet’s ashes in a place that was special to them, perhaps their favourite park.

Some agencies offer other pet cremation services that include cremating your pet with other pets.

Other agencies offer individual pet cremation so you know you will have only your pets ashes returned.


pet cremation penrith


Where Can I Find Pet Cremation in Penrith?

Following we’ve compiled a few locations for pet cremation in the Penrith area.

Below you’ll find the names, locations, contact information and services they provide to assist you during this difficult time.


Eternal Pets

Contact Information

Website: https://www.eternalpetsnsw.com.au


Services Offered
  • Pickup from your home or vet’s office
  • Individual pet cremations
  • Return ashes in the urn or box that you choose
  • Returned directly to you or to your vet’s office, whatever is most convenient for you
  • 2-4 days for the entire process from pickup to return
  • Expedited service available for an additional charge
  • Variety of urns and boxes to choose from, including various personalising options
  • Services Hawkesbury, Blue Mountains, Penrith, Blacktown, and Norwest regularly, but available to travel to other locations in Sydney
  • Services all types of pets, including larger animals such as horses


Animal Memorial Cemetery and Crematorium

Contact Information
  • Ph Number: 02 4572 5333
  • Address: St MarysRoad, Berkshire Park, NSW 2765

Website: http://petcemeterysydney.com/html/aboutus.htm


Services Offered
  • Individual cremations
  • Pickup from your home or vet’s office
  • Variety of urns to choose from
  • Walls to hold ashes permanently in the cemetery


Pets at Peace

Contact Information

Website: http://www.petsatpeace.com.au/


Services Offered
  • Australia’s first dedicated pet crematorium
  • Pickup from vet or home
  • Returned to your home or vet’s office in the urn or handcraft box of your choice
  • Services all of New South Wales
  • Your pet’s ashes returned within 2 to 5 working days
  • Variety of urns and timber boxes to choose from
  • Memorial jewellery that can hold a bit of your pet’s ashes
  • Paw memorial frames available with paw impressions from your pet


pet cremation penrith


Our pets become like family and saying goodbye to them is a difficult time.

One of the hardest questions to answer is what to do with their remains.

There are several options for pet owners in today’s world that allows you to lay your pet to rest in a dignified and respectful manner.

There are various options for owners for pet cremation in the Penrith area as outlined above to assist you during this difficult time.


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