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When a family member passes, we want to honour their memory in the respectful way that we can. Usually, this is done through a beautiful funeral service, a burial, a cremation or a memorial, and a wake.

Humans aren’t the only family members that deserve this respect.

Our pets our family as well, often showing unconditional love to us.

We want to be able to honour our pets memories with the same respect that we would show other (human) family members.


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Currently in Australia there are not enough options to show your pet how much they meant to you.

The general procedure for when a pet passes over is to call you vet. They will give you an option as to whether you want to keep the ashes of your pet, or if you want those ashes disposed of.

If you opt to keep the ashes, they will generally get delivered to you in a cardboard box.

This hardly respects the life of your pet and their place in the family.


Pet Memories Australia - Pet Memorial Australia


Alas, there are some other options available in Australia in you want to remember your pet in a heartfelt and respectful way.

Pet Memorial Australia doesn’t sell any products to the public. We simply wanted to create a platform where Australian pet owners could find out what their options are when it comes to remembering their beloved pet.

Search through our website and you will find a range of options that are currently available to pet owners in Australia.

These options will help you to remember your pet family member for years to come.


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