Pet Cemeteries Melbourne

What do you do with your pet’s remains after they have passed away?

There are many options available today for pet owners from cremation to burial. 

For many years pet owners have buried their pets in their gardens, but what if you don’t have that option? Or maybe you’re concerned that someday you might move from that home and have to leave your beloved pet behind? 

Fortunately, pet cemeteries in Melbourne are an option that is available to many pet owners and we’ve gathered information for you in the following article to help you decide if a pet cemetery in Melbourne is the right option for you.

pet cemeteries melbourne

Our Pets Deserve Dignity in Death

For many of us, our pets are more than just pets. They are our confidantes and don’t share our secrets. 

They comfort us when we are sad or in pain and they love us unconditionally. 

Because of their great love for us, they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect in their final rest. 

Having the ability to bury pets in pet cemeteries in Melbourne and honouring them with a grave marker allows us to say goodbye to them and lay them to rest with dignity and respect.


Why Consider Pet Cemeteries in Melbourne For Your Pets Resting Place?

Pet owners sometimes choose to bury their pets, whether they have been cremated or not. 

While cats and dogs are the most commonly buried pets, most pet cemeteries cater to all kinds of family pets. 

Having a permanent resting place often helps pet owners to have some peace about laying their animal friend to rest. 

Pet cemeteries offer a place for grieving pet owners to lay their beloved animals to rest and have a place to visit them. 

Many pet owners find the ability to honour their pet with a personalized headstone or plaque as a way to ease their grief as well. 

Some owners even have their own ashes buried with their pet after they themselves have passed. 

You are usually able to bury your pets favourite toy with them as well. 

Some pet cemeteries in Melbourne offer a chapel and funeral services as another way to honour your pet. 

pet cemeteries melbourne

What Is the Procedure for Burying your Pet in a Pet Cemetery in Melbourne?

It is always advisable to make prior arrangements when possible. Making plans to lay your beloved pet to rest is difficult if they’ve just passed or if their death is imminent. 

However, whether you are able to plan ahead or not, most pet cemeteries have someone that can help you make final arrangements for your beloved pet. 

While every pet cemetery is different, you can expect a similar experience with each one. 

Most pet cemeteries will pick up your pet from your home or the veterinarian’s office. 

They will then store your pet in controlled refrigeration until it is time to bury him. They will also clean and groom your pet if you are planning to have a viewing or funeral service for him. 

You are usually able to have some private time with your pet prior to him being buried. 

The operators of pet cemeteries in Melbourne will bury your beloved pet with respect so that they are left undisturbed by wildlife. 


Where are Pet Cemeteries in Melbourne?

There are three pet cemeteries in the Melbourne area. 

Australian Pet Cremation and Burial Service

This family-owned and operated business can assist with your pet’s final rest 365 days a year. They will pick up your pet from your home or the veterinarian’s office. They have a selection of caskets, headstones, and plaques for you to choose from to honour your pet. 

PH 1300 302 575

PO Box 2426

Rowville VIC, 3178

Pets Memorial Gardens

PH 03 9560 1742

21 Heany Park Road

Rowville VIC, 3178

Pets Eternal

Narre Warren

Ph 0422 666 212

Pet Funeral services in Melbourne

In addition to pet cemeteries in Melbourne, many pet owners find themselves needing a funeral service to honour their friend’s memory.

Paws and Reflect

Established in 2010, Paws and Reflect is a specialist service to help with funeral arrangements for your pets.

If you plan to have your pet cremated before being buried, they will assist with collecting your pet from your home or the veterinarian’s office and transporting him or her to the cremation facility and back to you.

They will stay in close contact with you throughout the process. Paws and Reflect also offer burial and funeral services. 

They will work with you to create a ceremony befitting of your lost loved one.

Paws and Reflect will perform a memorial service at a pet cemetery or your home. You can invite family and friends to be part of the service.

They will create a funeral altar complete with flowers and candles to honour your animal friend.

Additionally, if children were part of the pet’s life, they can be specially included in the ceremony to help with their own grief. 


Farewell Ceremony $150.00 whether at your home or a pet cemetery

Same day pet cremation service: $380 to $550 (depending on the size of your pet and the location he is collected from)

Two to four-day cremation service: $300 to $440 (depending on the size of your pet and the location he is collected from)

After hours and weekends may incur a small upcharge

Ph 0408366341



pet cemeteries melbourne

A Pet Cemetery in Melbourne May Just Be the Right Option for Your Beloved Companion

When we lose a loved one the most important final act is how we lay them to rest. For many of us, our four-legged, furry friends and companions are just as important as any two-legged family or friend.

There are several choices in today’s world for laying your pet to rest. From cremation, elaborate memorials, and more, definitely keep a local pet cemetery in mind.

The ability to visit your pet in one location, personalise your pet’s resting place and honour them with dignity and respect are just a few of the reasons why you may want to choose from one of the pet cemeteries in Melbourne.