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Find a Pet Cemetery in your local area to respectfully bring your beloved pet to their final resting place.

Pet Cremation Services Available in Tamworth, NSW

When our beloved animal companions pass on from this life and cross the rainbow bridge, we are faced with a hard decision.

Our pet has been our constant companion during their life and we know we owe it to them to honour them in their final farewell.

Many pet owners now choose to have their pet cremated to be able to give them a memorial or send off in whatever way feels right.

Pet cremation in Tamworth offers pet owners the ability to scatter their pets ashes or keep them in a vessel all with care and dignity.

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Why Choose Pet Cremation?

As pet owners, we often have had the wonderful experience of an amazing animal best friend. They sit with us when we are sad, cuddle with us when we are lonely and make us laugh when we are mad.

It’s only right that we want to lay them to rest with the honour and respect that they deserve. For a long time, people have either buried their pets in their gardens or have had to relinquish their pet to be disposed of with all of the other animals through the vet’s office.

We simply didn’t have any options. Over time, other pet owners like you decided they wanted to do something different and started pet cremation services.

Because they are fellow pet owners, they understand the heartache we feel and take care of our pets with compassion. Now, pet owners have options.

Once you receive your pet’s ashes back from the cremation service you can scatter the ashes at a place that was special to you and your pet (if it is allowed, of course).

Or you can choose a lovely urn or wooden box to keep your pet’s ashes in on a mantel or a shelf. Some pet owners still like to bury their pet, but having to bury ashes is much easier and can be exhumed if you move someday. 

pet cremation tamworth

Where Can I Find Pet Cremation in Tamworth?

​All Creatures Great and Small

All Creature Great and Small ​are a family owned and operated pet crematorium who have been servicing Tamworth and surrounding areas for over 15 years.

They offer same day collection, individual pet cremations, memorial services and a variety of urns, boxes, plaques, keepsakes and portraits.

Areas served: Manilla, Quirindi, Werris Creek, Gunnedah, Uralla, and Armidale

Special arrangements can be made for these areas: Narrabri, Bogabri, Wee Waa and Inverell

Address: 42 Hartmann Dr, Tamworth NSW 2340
Phone: 02 6765 5569 / 0402 417 420

Hours: M – F 9 AM to 5 PM, Sat By appointment

​Pets at Peace

Pets at Peace are a family owned and operated crematorium that offer only individual pet cremations.
They offers door to door service, picking up your pet from your home and returning their ashes within 2 to 4 working days.

Phone: 1800 636 798 

24 hours, 7 days per week Freecall
Mobile: 0418 489 795


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​However you choose to celebrate the life of your pet and choose to remember him, pet cremation in Tamworth offers you a compassionate and respectful way to lay your pet to rest.