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A horse cremation urn is a beautiful way to uphold the memory and legacy of a deceased pet horse. I know it is tough to think about how to honour your beloved horse after it passes over the rainbow bridge, it can feel almost unimaginable and daunting at the same time. 

Remember, the emotions you feel during this period are completely normal, as is the uncertainty as to the right next step for you and your family.


How to choose a horse cremation urn

Horses are truly remarkable and majestic animals and the grief we feel as owners when our horses pass can be absolutely shattering. During this emotional time, giving your horse a dignified farewell and resting place can help with the grieving process, as hard as it may be.

The strong bond and relationship between a horse and its owner is one filled with mutual respect and appreciation, and that’s why I adore the idea of getting an urn for horse ashes. It is a special way for owners to give their horses the care and respect they deserve after passing.

In this article, I will guide you through the process of selecting the right horse cremation urn as well as highlight some of my favourite urns available in Australia in the hope I can help you find the perfect keepsake for your special steed. 

What is a Horse Cremation Urn?

By definition, an urn is a proud symbol of elegant beauty that houses earthly remains. How fitting considering the immense beauty and grandeur horses naturally represent. 

Also known as a horse cremation box, horse ashes box or a horse ashes keepsake, a cremation urn is a decorative and emotionally evoking container that serves as a final resting place for the cremated remains of a deceased horse.

These urns are available in a large variety of styles, sizes, materials and more, allowing owners to uphold the memory of their beloved deceased horse in a way that feels personal and applicable to the individual animal. 

Benefits of Using a Horse Cremation Urn

Many horse owners don’t have the luxury of housing their horses on the same property they live in, making it even more difficult to put their horses to rest on external properties. 

That is where a horse cremation urn can be a valuable option. It will provide you with a respectful and close-to-home way to honour and farewell your horse.

  • Allows owners to keep the memory of their beloved horse in their homes forever.
  • Removes the distress of handling the horse’s body.
  • Helps prevent environmental and health risks. 
  • Provides a wide range of styles, themes, sizes and messages, allowing owners to tailor their urns to fit the personality of their deceased horse. 
  • Provides owners with ease, comfort and peace of mind during the grieving process.
Horse Cremation Urns Australia

Considerations When Choosing a Horse Cremation Urn

Firstly, I would say the number one thing to do is to use a service provider you trust. That could mean simply chatting with your local veterinarian or pet store owner and getting some friendly advice. 

Apart from that, these are a few other considerations to cover when choosing your urn for horse ashes:

  • Is the cremation and equine cremator private?
  • Do I receive a certificate of cremation?
  • Do I get any additional grief literature to help me understand and get through this process?
  • What is the size and style I want that will evoke positive and applicable memories of my deceased horse?
  • Where do I want to house my horse ashes keepsake?

10 Horse Cremation Urns Worth Considering in Australia

1. Spirited Horses Art Cremation Urn

Spirited Horses Art Cremation Urn

This beautiful handmade horse cremation box is designed to evoke that notoriously freeing symbolism horses inherently represent. Made from premium wood topped with a gorgeous, sculpted metal statue, this urn is perfect for home display.

Furthermore, the metal art is detachable from the base, offering horse owners options for box burial and heirloom memorial.

2. Horse Sculpture Urn for Horse Ashes

Horse Sculpture Urn for Horse Ashes

This hand-painted horse ashes keepsake features intricate detailing and a polished and elegant finish, perfect for a respectful and ornamental resting place for departed pet horses.

It is crowned with a striking statue of a proud stallion, encapsulating that strength horses so aptly represent. It is made from quality ceramics and is completely airtight. 

3. White Horse Teardrop Cremation Urn

White Horse Teardrop Cremation Urn

Elegant, ornamental and made from beautiful enamel, this urn is decorated with a symbolic white horse in a black and blue teardrop-shaped urn with a matching heart insert.

It can be personalised with up to 4 lines of engraving at the back, offering owners a personable and loving touch. 

4. Horse Ashes Urn with Ceramic Plate

Horse Cremation Urn with Ceramic Plate

This traditionally styled horse cremation box is made from premium birch for durability and long-lasting appeal. It is embellished with brass handles and wreath-shaped decorations.

Furthermore, it can be personalised with a photo on the ceramic plate as well as an engraved message, a name, or a date.

5. Horse Ashes Keepsake Necklace

Horse Ashes Keepsake Necklace

Made from premium-grade stainless steel, this urn for horse ashes takes the form of a delicate and beautiful necklace, perfect for those who wish to carry a part of the memory of their beloved horse with them during their daily activities.

It features a secure threaded screw top with an airtight gasket to ensure it holds the contents throughout daily wear. 

6. Urn for Horse Ashes 

Urn for Horse Ashes

While this handmade keepsake can be used for loved ones who adore horses, it also makes for a stunning horse cremation urn, elegantly depicting that free spirit horses are synonymous with.

It sports striking gold trims, embellished with delicate patterns. It is made from aerospace-grade aluminium, ensuring long-lasting beauty and it comes with a velvet gift bag for safekeeping.

7. Polo Player Horse Cremation Urn

Polo Player Horse Cremation Urn

Perfect for competitive polo horses, this urn aptly represents the intimate relationship between show horses and their owners. It is made from rich and sturdy rosewood, topped with an intricately designed horse with rider statue.

It can be personalised and makes for an impressive display memorial for your beloved horse.

8. Aurora Borealis Horse Ashes Keepsake

Aurora Borealis Horse Ashes Keepsake

This gorgeous keepsake evokes a deeply spiritual and meaningful design, which reminds me a lot of what horses represent. Made from 100% brass and featuring a striking aurora of blues and purples, this urn certainly makes for a beautiful and very durable memento. 

9. Horse Keepsake Urn

Horse Keepsake Urn

Perfect as a tribute to your beloved equine companion, this keepsake urn features a sculptured portrait of a real horse, which is specifically cast to your horse's individual face.

This is a highly personal and loving tribute, perfect for remembering the strength and stature your horse stood for. 

10. Personalised Black Horse Cremation Urn

Personalised Black Horse Cremation Urn

Completely handcrafted by skilled artisans, this awe-inspiring urn features a striking silhouette of a proud horse galloping in the dusk. It can be personalised with custom text which is engraved upon the keepsake.

Its high-quality design and materials will ensure this urn lasts a lifetime. 

Horse Cremation Urn Frequently Asked Questions

How big is a horse urn?

Horse urns typically come in a range of sizes, shapes, and designs. Most can accommodate the cremated remains of at least one fully grown horse. Capacity usually reaches up to 900 kg. 

What happens with horse cremation?

Horse cremation is the process of cremating a horse that has passed in its entirety using a specialised equine cremator. These ashes are gently gathered and stored in keepsakes to give back to owners as a memento. 

How big are horse ashes?

Usually, a horse's ashes will weigh between 16 and 20 kilograms, so urns tend to be a little larger and heavier to accommodate. 

What can I do with my horse's ashes?

Once in an urn, you can either keep the ashes, bury them, or scatter them at a location that was special to you and your horse. 

Are cremated horse ashes mixed?

Most reputable cremation services will cremate your horse individually, offering peace of mind that the ashes are only comprised of your horse's remains. 

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Find the Perfect Horse Cremation Urn for Your Beloved Steed

I hope this article has shed some light on the process of choosing the right horse cremation urn for you and your departed pet horse. As hard as this time may seem, I hope you can take some solace in knowing that you can perfectly preserve the memory and honour of your horse for years to come. 

Find the perfect horse cremation urn for your departed equine companion today.

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