Have you ever considered a pet cemetery in Adelaide to lay your beloved friend to rest?

Many pet owners are looking to pet cemeteries as a permanent resting place for their pets after they have crossed the rainbow bridge.

It is a difficult decision that all pet owners are faced with, but we’ve put together everything you need to know about choosing a pet cemetery in Adelaide.

pet cemetery adelaide

Our Pets Deserve Dignity in Death

Most pets become more than just pets during their time with us, no matter how long or short the time may be.

Our pets ability to love us unconditionally and to be by our side throughout every high and low of life touches our hearts in a way that many times no human quite can.

They sit with us when we cry and we laugh with them when they play.

We sit with them when they are sick and make us smile daily.

They never judge us and they never complain.

It’s no wonder that we find they have burrowed their way into our hearts and it is only fitting that we have options as pet owners to honour them in death with the respect and love that they deserve.


Why Choose a Pet Cemetery in Adelaide For Your Pets Resting Place? 

For a long time, the only option pet owners had was to bury their pets in their own gardens or let the vet’s office handle disposing of the remains.

Then cremation became an option, allowing pet owners to bring their pets home with them in an urn or a nice wooden box.

Pet cemeteries offer pet owners another option for their animal friends remains.

Whether you have your pet cremated or not, burial in a pet cemetery can be an option for laying your pet to rest.

You never have to worry about moving to a different home and leaving your pet behind in your garden.

Marking the grave with a personalised headstone, plaque, or other type of marker allows yet another way to honour your pet for their final rest.

pet cemetery adelaide

What Is the Procedure for Burying your Pet in a Pet Cemetery in Adelaide?

It is always advisable to make prior arrangements when possible. Making plans to lay your beloved pet to rest is difficult if they’ve just passed or if their death is imminent. 

However, we understand that you may not have had time to make prior arrangements, and you possibly didn’t even think of it. This is completely fine.

When your pet has passed or you know the time is approaching quickly, contact the pet cemetery you wish to bury your pet at.

The representative at the pet cemetery can assist you in making some, if not all, of the arrangements for your pet.

Most of the time the representatives for the pet cemetery will pick up your pet from your home or the vet’s office.

If you choose to have your pet cremated prior to burial, they will usually be able to transport your pet to the crematorium and back to the pet cemetery for you.

You can arrange for a private viewing and possibly a complete funeral service for your pet.

Most pet cemeteries also have a selection of stones and plaques to memorialise your pet’s memory in a unique and personal way.


Where is a Pet Cemetery in Adelaide Near You?

There are only two cemeteries for animals in the Adelaide area. 

Atkinson’s Pet Cemetery

483 Krieg Rd.

Roseworthy, South Australia 5371

Ph +61 8 8342 9477

Coopers Pet Cemetery

Wallaroo, South Australia 

2916 Spencer Highway

PH +61 477 456 440

Website: https://www.facebook.com/cooperspetcemetery/

Pricing begins at $310. Payment plans accepted.

Pet Funerals in Adelaide

Farewell Little Friend

Owned and operated by John Whitman, pet owners are able to work directly with Whitman to create individual and unique memorial service.

Basic Package begins at $245 and includes burial, placement or scattering of ashes and a memorial service.

Other services are available as well. Simply contact Farewell Little Friend to arrange everything from the transportation of your pets remains to memorial plaques.

Ph 0438 997 121

Website: https://www.farewelllittlefriend.com.au/

pet cemetery adelaide

A Pet Cemetery in Adelaide May Just Be the Right Option for Your Beloved Companion

When we lose a loved one the most important final act is how we lay them to rest. For many of us, our four-legged, furry friends and companions are just as important as any two-legged family or friend.

There are several choices in today’s world for laying your pet to rest. From cremation, elaborate memorials, and more, definitely keep a local pet cemetery in mind.

The ability to visit your pet in one location, personalise your pet’s resting place and honour them with dignity and respect are just a few of the reasons why you may want to choose a pet cemetery in Adelaide.

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