After making the difficult decision to cremate your pet once they have passed, you begin the search for a pet urn.

Because so many pet owners do have their animal friends cremated, there is a lot of availability for unique and special pet urns.

Whether searching online or finding someplace closer to home, you’re sure to find something to speak to your heart.

Keep reading for more information on pet urns in Australia.

Pet Urns For Deceased Pets in Australia


What are Pet Urns in Australia?

For many years the only option for many pet owners was to bury their beloved pets in the backyard. If that wasn’t an option many pet owners likely had to allow the vet’s office to dispose of their pet.

In recent years, however, cremation of pets has become increasingly more popular among pet owners.

Cremation of our furry friends allows us to have more options of honouring our deceased companions.

Whether you want to keep your pet’s ashes on your fireplace mantel, in the garden or scatter most of their ashes, there is something out there that will meet your needs.

Pet urns give you as the surviving owner of your beloved pet one last way to honour him or her.

What Types of Pet Urns in Australia are Available?

You can find several different urns of various shapes and sizes. There are wooden, clay, bronze and more. Some allow for greatly detailed personalisation while others do not, but are still very beautiful.

Online marketplaces such as Etsy have some absolutely beautiful urns to choose from, as well as several companies located in Australia.

Pet Urns for Ashes Australia


Etsy Pet Urns for Australia

Etsy has a number of sellers that create pet urns. The prices vary widely depending on the materials and the level of personalisation.

There are hand-engraved wooden urns with amazing detail work. While another seller has wooden urns that have pet’s pictures on them.

There are several different sellers that hand-sculpt beautiful stoneware urns out of clay.

Some of them are more traditional circular urns and others are carefully shaped into the breed of your pet and then hand-painted.

Explore our compilation of horse cremation urns, with many sourced from Etsy.

Personalised Pet Urns Australia

Furry Souls Pet Urns in Australia

Located in Victoria is Furry Souls and was started by a pet owner that found the market lacking when her beloved canine passed.

Furry Souls has many different styles to choose from including jewellery, keepsake, designer, traditional circular, wooden and figurine urns.

Their collection of pet urns accommodates pets from 1 kg up to 65 kg and you can expect your urn within 5 to 10 business days.

Some of the particularly striking circular pet urns include:

Furry Souls has a beautiful Keepsake Collection for a small amount of ashes that includes:

The Wooden Collection offers several different timber urns that are stained to show the natural wood grain. Some allow for pet photos to be inserted in the side or the lid while others have decorative engraving or brass accents.

The Jewellery Collection offers many pendant style miniature urns to keep your pet close to your heart.

These are perfect if you plan to scatter your pet’s ashes but would like to keep just a token with you.

The pendants are all stainless steel unless they are one of the gemstone style heart pendants. From hearts, to crosses or the tree of life, something will likely speak to your heart from this collection.

Angel Ashes Pet Urns in Australia

Angel Ashes is a small family-owned business in South Australia. They offer a variety of pet urns for Australia in wood, metal and stone. They also offer keepsake hearts and jewellery.

Their wooden urns are made with lovely rosewood and come in simple but beautiful box urns, photo ready box urns and photo ready box urns with brass paw prints.

The metal urns are in pewter, slate and slate with a tealight lid.

Angel Ashes pet urns come in granite and sandstone as well. The granite pet urns are specifically designed to be resilient to outdoor elements so they can be used as a garden urn. The natural Australian granite urn is also engraved with your choice of lettering. The sandstone urns are also available with a tealight lid and are also engraved.

Angel Ashes jewellery collection is really wonderful. They offer many different pendants in stainless steel, gold and rose gold in a variety of shapes such as hearts, crosses and cylinders.

The glass jewellery is really something unique, however, as it comes in a variety of colours and is available in pendants, brooches, cuff links, and rings.

Pet Urns Australia

Image source: Wooden Earth

Memorialise Your Pet with Pet Urns in Australia

Losing a beloved pet is always hard. Most likely you’ve spent years with your pet and they’ve become your companion.

Pet urns in Australia and jewellery designed for their ashes is a wonderful way to keep your pet close to you and their memory alive.

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