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Dog insurance does far more than you might think, from pet memorial cover to cremation and ongoing vet bills. With a huge selection of pet insurers in Australia, it can be hard for dog owners to find the right deal though. 

I’m going to walk through some of the best deals on the market, and cover what to look out for when buying dog insurance too. I’ve been caught out before, and I’ll never let it happen again, and I want to make sure you’re not caught in the same situation I was!


Best Dog Insurance Australia

Do I Need a Dog Insurance?

A few years ago we had some sudden health complications with our family dog. She wasn’t the youngest dog in the world, but she wasn’t seriously old either. What we didn’t expect was arthritis at her age, and we hadn’t included it on our cover.

We were insured, had all the vet check-ups included, and even got most of her standard meds on insurance too for some ongoing tummy issues, but we’d never thought to check for arthritis in our cover.

So yes, you need pet insurance, but it's also important to find the best dog insurance for you, not just the cheapest!

Refer to our guide If you're looking for information on insurance for older dogs.

What Should Dog Insurance Offer?

As a nation of dog lovers, Australia is thankfully also equipped with a selection of dog-loving pet insurers. For me, it's not just about what pet insurance offers on paper though. Finding the best dog insurance is about more than that.

Call your insurers, and get to know their call centres. If they’re helpful when you’re buying, they’ll probably be helpful when you need them most. If they’re unhelpful, steer clear!

What Does Dog Insurance Cover?

Typical dog insurance in Australia covers standard illnesses like cancers, IBS, skin conditions, and dental and ear conditions. More expensive packages will cover every illness imaginable, but they are listed in every policy document, so check that out if you know of any hereditary problems your dog could face in later life.

For me, the most important part of any dog insurance policy is the one we least like to talk about; cremation, euthanasia, and memorials. When the time comes, your dog deserves the best treatment, and you deserve peace of mind.

Above all else, make sure your pet insurance package contains that level of care.

How Much Does Dog Insurance Cost?

Dog Insurance Costs

Dog insurance ranges in price from $35 to $120 per month depending on the breed, size, health, and in the case of breeding dogs, hereditary problems. 

The best insurance packages are those that are bespoke to you and your pet, but they are also the most expensive, so opting for something in between is the best choice for most pet lovers.

Saving Money on Pet Insurance for Dogs

The best way to save money on pet insurance for dogs is multi-pet insurance. If you’ve got two dogs, or a dog and cats, they can all be covered under one policy. It doesn’t save much, but can save hefty admin fees, and brings some associated costs down too.

For single-dog homes, check out comparison sites for the latest offers, as some fixed-price deals can save money in the long term, even if the upfront cost is slightly higher.

The Best Dog Insurance Providers in Australia

Pets on Me

Pets on Me are my favourite dog insurance company right now. They’re still pretty new to the market, so they’re striving to please their customers, but they also seem to genuinely care when we call. 

Their cover ranges from a basic package to comprehensive, but it’s worth giving them a call directly as they can often discuss bespoke packages for you and your dogs.

As well as being reasonably well-priced, Pets on Me offer direct advice and connections with dog walkers, dog minders and boarding near you, making them a brilliant all-around support network for you and your dog.

Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance

Bow Wow Meow is all over the TV, with insurance campaigns that can drive you up the wall, but they’re a great company, with brilliant benefits, and tons of illnesses covered even on their basic package. 

If you want peace of mind in hard times, they’re not the same dismissive insurance agents you can find on the end of phone lines for bigger companies either, which is a big bonus.

They insure dogs from puppies, right through to seniors, and will consider any pet with any health condition. Give them a call now for some friendly advice, and helpful guidance.

Saving Money on Pet Insurance for Dogs

Pet Insurance Australia

Pet insurance Australia is one of the giants of Pet Insurance. Their policies are cheaper than most, but they are kind of detached as agents, so don’t expect personal support.

These guys are there to provide financial peace of mind, rather than emotional comfort, but in most cases, that’s all you need.

If you know your dog’s basic needs are met, and you don’t have to worry about accidents or sudden illness, those vet check-ups become much less stressful.

For anyone needing pet insurance in a rush, Pet Insurance Australia covers dogs within a few hours of taking out a policy, and their introductory rates are brilliant.

Their deals change from month to month but are sometimes as much as 20% on your first few bills.

RSPCA Pet Insurance

RSPCA is probably the best-known pet insurer in Australia. As well as caring about animals, they are always willing to discuss concerns.

And, their standard cover range is pretty impressive too, with a basic budget cover that issues against illness and injury, through to fully comprehensive insurance that covers vet visits, medicine, and even some existing hereditary conditions.

With cover for 80% of treatment costs and no excess to pay, RSPCA is perfect for dog owners who ended insurance that they know won’t cost extra. with no hidden fees, and four levels of cover to choose from, you’ll always have the safety net you need.

Coles Pet Insurance

Supermarket insurance isn’t for everyone. They’re not dedicated insurers, so their resources are stretched, but being attached to big brands makes them more stable, and means they can offer better rates. 

Do be careful with their policies though, and read the small print before signing up for anything, as Coles Pet Insurance and other supermarket dog insurance companies can leave some strikingly simple illnesses off their cover.

Enough of the cons though. If it’s affordable pet insurance you're after coles have some of the cheapest on the market. Their basic cover for small dogs starts at around $30-$35 per month and covers most illnesses, and emergencies.

Dog Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Dog Insurance Coverage

Is dog insurance and puppy insurance the same?

Puppy insurance and dog insurance are the same, but you can often find short-term cover for puppies that covers their basic needs as they grow.

Many breeds, like Labradors, have joint issues as they develop, which are often not covered in standard packages.

How much dog insurance do I need?

Find the best dog insurance you can afford, and stick with it. The best dog insurance companies won’t raise your premiums unexpectedly, and customer loyalty is often rewarded with lower premiums or monthly prices that won’t rise with inflation as a nice bonus. 

What dog insurance should I get?

Comprehensive lifetime dog insurance is the best type of cover you can buy. But it’s also the most expensive. Consider your long-term budget, and find the right cover for you.

Sometimes it’s about weighing the risk. Some things might be unlikely, but if they happen, they can be costly. Others are very likely, but cost less than the insurance premium to pay. 

What dog insurance covers neutering?

Most insurance brands can cover the costs of neutering, spaying, or desexing your dog, but it's not on their basic packages. Because it’s an optional procedure there is no responsibility for the insurer to pay for it.

With costs of up to $500, desexing is expensive, but it helps your pet’s health if done at the right time, and reduces behavioural issues.

What dog insurance covers dental?

Most comprehensive dog insurance packages cover dental. Some supermarket insurance will even cover dental on their basic range. However, it’s worth noting that there can be a difference between ‘dental hygiene’ and ‘dental medicine’.

Pre-existing gingivitis is unlikely to be covered by insurers, but treatment can be paid for if there is no veterinary record of it for your dog.

Can you get dog insurance if your dog is already sick?

If your dog is already sick or has a pre-existing condition, it is unlikely to be covered by most pet insurance products. Hereditary issues can be covered by insurance, but pre-existing conditions outside of that will rarely be paid for by insurers.

Should you have other pets in your home, be sure to get them insured. See our list of the best pet insurance providers in Australia

Get Only the Best Dog Insurance in Australia

I’ve always worried about my pets. It doesn’t matter how old they are, what state their health is in, or whether they’re insured, I just worry. Dog insurance takes a massive amount of that anxiety away, by letting me know I can always afford their care.

OK, so insurance is an option, not a requirement, but it’s important to know that the only way to be sure you have things covered is with good dog insurance.

Never knowing what’s around the corner, means always being prepared. Thankfully, we’ll always be here to help you find peace of mind, even in the worst of times. Be sure to get the best dog insurance you can for your furry family member. 

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