RSPCA Australia is the national federation, made up of groups in each state. Their core aim is to protect the rights and welfare of animals across the country. Their focus on improving living conditions for pets, and educating pet owners pairs well with their insurance provision.


RSPCA Pet Insurance Review

RSPCA Pet Insurance Review

RSPCA Pet Insurance is one of the most popular pet cover choices in Australia but with lower payouts and limited cover options for routine care. However, they excel as an insurance provider for multi-pet homes, with a standard 10% discount for each additional pet.

Before we look at the most frequently asked questions, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of RSCPA pet insurance.

RSPCA Pet Insurance Pros and Cons


  • No excess, so they pay the full 80% on claims without requiring an initial out-of-pocket payment

  • No sub-limit for tick paralysis

  • GapOnly is available as a payment option, reducing upfront costs

  • 10% multi-pet discount offered for insuring multiple pets 

  • First-year premiums support the wider work of the RSPCA


  • Routine Care is a premium addition to their policies

  • While having no excess can be beneficial, it also means there is no way to reduce premiums by opting for a higher excess 

  • There are very mixed reviews on how easy it is to claim, with some users reporting difficulties 

  • The maximum cover for premium policies is $20,000

What does RSPCA Pet Insurance Cover?

RSPCA Pet Insurance Covers dogs and cats

RSPCA Pet Insurance is generally straightforward, with policies available to cats and dogs. Depending on the package you take out there are optional extras for dental care and desexing too.

The headline figures for RSCPA are their 0% excess and $20,000 payout. This means that, while you pay less for your policy, the benefits are also less.

It is a personal choice whether this is right for you or not, but it’s a good option for budget-conscious pet owners who need a fallback.

What pets does RSPCA Pet Insurance Cover?

RSPCA Pet Insurance covers cats and dogs. Small mammals, horses, lizards, and birds require specialist insurance, just as they require specialist vets. 

There are lower premiums for indoor cats, but no specific cover package. This is similar to how most dog insurance works, with smaller breeds, and healthier breeds being rewarded with lower premiums.

Does RSPCA pet insurance cover older dogs?

Like most pet insurance providers in Australia, RSPCA Australia offers lifetime cover for any pet insured before its ninth birthday. If you don’t know your pet’s exact date of birth, your vet can provide an estimate for the insurer.

Because there is no optional excess, older dog insurance through the RSPCA can be expensive, and there are no ways to bring the cost down. However, RSPCA insurance does not lower the payout percentage for older dogs, unlike some providers. That means that your coverage is the same regardless of age-related conditions that develop.

Is Spaying and Neutering Included in RSPCA Insurance?

Routine care is an optional extra on Ultimate and Ultimate Plus RSCPA insurance, but not on the basic policies. RSPCA Routine Care is exhaustive and includes most routine care procedures and treatments, including neutering and spaying.

Does RSPCA Cover Dental Care?

Dental care is classified as routine care, so like desexing, requires additional add-on if you want help with those costs. Some emergency dental care and dental injuries are included in all policies.

Customer Support & Perks with RSPCA Pet Insurance

RSPCA Pet Insurance is one of the most popular pet cover in Australia

There are very mixed reviews when it comes to customer support at RSPCA Pet Insurance, with an average rating across the web of 2 stars out of 5. Our experience has been positive, but it's worth taking note that there are often complications and delays around claims that fall outside of automatically eligible conditions.

All insurance providers have a waiting period before cover starts for illness or specific conditions, and with RSCPA this is bang on average at 30 days. Usefully, your first month of insurance with them is completely free, meaning that while you aren’t fully covered, you don’t pay.

During the waiting period, accidents and injuries are covered, and some minor costs will be covered.

The final perk is about where your money goes because a portion of your first-year premium is used to support the work of the wider RSPCA federations around the country.

RSPCA Comprehensive Cover Vs Essential Cover

Ultimate Plus offers a $20,000 upper limit on annual payouts, which is lower than many other providers. However, RSPCA Basic Cover and General Cover have a significantly higher annual limit than most pet insurers.

RSPCA Basic Cover and General Cover offer $11,000 as an annual limit, significantly more than the national average of $5,000 for basic pet insurance policies.

RSPCA Pet Insurance FAQs

What does RSPCA pet insurance cost?

The price of pet insurance varies massively, depending on breed, species, and even where you live, and because RSPCA’s policies are not tailored to specific breeds or even differentiated between cats and dogs, it isn’t possible to offer reliable cost for their pet insurance.

What is the excess on RSPCA pet insurance?

0% excess on RSPCA Pet Insurance means that you can’t edit the cost of your annual policy. While this means policies are often slightly more expensive, it does mean that there is nothing to pay against any claim.

What is the waiting period for RSPCA pet insurance?

RSPCA Pet Insurance has a standard 30-day waiting period for illness but pays out on accidents immediately. There is a six-month waiting period for several major conditions, including cruciate ligament treatment.

What discounts and bonuses do RSCPA offer new customers?

RSPCA Pet Insurance offers a 10% multi-pet discount to every additional pet. That can be mixed between cats and dogs, or multiples of each, and is the best standard multi-pet discount on the market. Each new pet also gets their first month on the policy free.

Final Thoughts on RSPCA Pet Insurance

Insuring with RSPCA Pet Insurance is as much about supporting their work as anything else. Like all insurance companies, there will be some customers who loose out and others who benefit massively. Their customer service line is friendly and helpful, and we’ve only had positive experiences.

RSPCA Pet Insurance excels at the basic and general cover, with generous payment limits and 0% excess making the most sense for lower coverage.

Should you have other pets in your home, be sure to get them insured. See our list of the best pet insurance providers in Australia.

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