Knowing how to proceed with dead animal removal in Sydney is an important fact of life. We need to aware of the necessary steps to take.

Whether your own pet has died, or you happen upon an unknown animal on council land, you need to know how to safely handle the body and who to call to dispose of the remains.

Keep reading for important information about dead animal removal in Sydney.


Handling The Body

Sometimes you may be able to call a vet for help and avoid handling the body yourself. However, if you find your pet or another deceased animal, you may have to store the remains yourself it is an overnight or during a holiday death.

Because the body begins to show signs of decomposition right away and will do so even more quickly the hotter the temperature, it is important to prepare the remains immediately.

  • First and foremost—find gloves and put them on. Vinyl or nitrile disposable gloves would be preferable, but any gloves are better than none. This is necessary because when a living being dies and the muscles relax their bodily fluids will usually be released.
  • Then you will need to wrap the animal in a blanket or towel large enough to fully wrap the body.
  • Place the wrapped body in a large, heavy-duty plastic bag. You may want to double the bags.
  • Then secure the bag by tying or taping it shut.
  • If it is your pet, be sure to label it with your name and your pet’s name for the cremation service.

If you will be unable to find someone to pick up the body right away, you will have to store it. It is best if the body is stored in a refrigerator or freezer. If that is not an option for you, then your garage or your basement will have to do.


After Death Care For Your Pet

If it is your pet, you will need to arrange for a service to come and pick up your pet.

Depending on your choices for aftercare, you will call a pet cemetery or a pet cremation service.

There are several options now for pet owners in deciding how they want to honour their pet’s life in their death.

Some pet owners prefer a traditional backyard burial, but many areas do not allow it anymore. If you still wish to bury your pet, you may want to consider a pet cemetery. No matter where you live in the future, you can still visit your pet.

Others prefer cremating their pets and keeping them in their home in a small urn or perhaps spreading their ashes in a memorable place.

Whichever you prefer, contact that service to arrange for pickup of your deceased pet.


Who to Contact if You Find a Deceased Animal on Council Land

You may at a point come across a dead animal on council land and need to contact someone to come pick it up and dispose of it properly. Following is some useful contact information for dead animal removal in Sydney on Council land.


Campbelltown City Council—File a report online

Woollahra Municipal Council—Customer Service Centre 9391 7000

Canterbury-Bankstown Council—Customer Service Centre 9707 9000


Finding deceased animals is a part of life and as humans. It is our responsibility to see that they are taken care of properly.

Whether it is our own personal pet or an unfortunate animal we happen upon, knowing how to handle the body and whom to call when needed is important information to have.

Bookmark this page for quick reference for dead animal removal in Sydney.

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