An unfortunate part of dog ownership is the responsibility for their end of life care, specifically euthanasia.

In addition to making the decision to euthanize your dog, is that you also have to be able to pay for it—like any medical treatments he requires.

As with all things, preparation is key when dealing with big decisions about your dog’s health and well-being.

We’ve compiled that information for you—continue reading for more information on dog euthanasia cost in Sydney.


Dog Euthanasia Cost Sydney


What is the Dog Euthanasia Cost in Sydney?

There are a few factors that can cause variations in the cost. But on average the dog euthanasia cost in Sydney is:

  • $200-$300 for a dog under 10 kg
  • $400-$600 for a dog around 40kg

As you can see, the size of your dog makes a difference as larger amounts of medication may be needed.

Mobile Vets can cost more as well for making the trip out to your home. Mobile vets have become more popular in recent years for several reasons.

  • Your dog is able to be in their home environment. Surrounded by family, and can be a very peaceful experience for them and you.
  • They won’t have to be loaded into the car and taken to the vet’s office. Which can be very uncomfortable and distressing for your dog.
  • You can have friends and family present to support you.
  • You can go right into a memorial for them and have your friends and family present to help you with remembering them, honouring them, and burying them—if you plan to bury him at home or at a pet cemetery.


Dog Euthanasia Cost Sydney NSW


Making the Decision to Put your Dog Down

It’s never easy to say good-bye to our furry companions. They’ve brought us years of love and laughter.

But, sometimes to return that love, it means making the ultimate decision to allow them to stop suffering due to old age or from a terminal disease such as cancer.

If you’re unsure whether it is time to consider euthanasia, review our checklist to help with that decision.


Grieving the Loss of Your Dog after Euthanasia

Grieving the loss of your dog is a completely unique experience for each human, even within the same household. There are several ways to work through your grief and some tips to help you through your difficult time.

In addition to the usual stages of grief, such as anger, denial and acceptance. Although, many dog owners feel guilt after putting their dogs down. This is a completely understandable and normal response. Dog owners will question whether they made the right decision.

If you’re the type of dog owner that questions whether you made the right decision to put your dog down to end their suffering—you did.


How Much is Dog Euthanasia Cost in Sydney


As with any important decisions regarding the health and well-being of a family member, it is vital to have all of the information you can regarding euthanasia of your dog.

Understanding the cost is one piece of the information you need, but as explained dog euthanasia cost in Sydney is relatively inexpensive on its own and is an important part of dog ownership.


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