Owning a pet of any kind requires commitment-feeding, providing for them medically, socially and more.

Before adopting a dog, you need to be aware of the cost of a dog.

Continue reading to discover what kind of commitment is expected relating to the cost of a dog in Sydney, Australia.

Cost Of A Dog for a Pet owner

Consider The Cost Of A Dog

For many of us, adopting and owning a dog is a large part of our idea of a complete life. It is easy to understand why this is—as animals are so full of love and life.

However, adopting and owning a dog isn’t free and it is imperative that we consider the cost before making the commitment—it is important to remember owning a dog is more than just cuddles and play time.

Upfront Cost of a Dog

The first cost you will be responsible for is the adoption fee, which can vary quite a bit depending on the agency in Sydney NSW, but generally run from $50 to $300 and purchasing a dog can be up to $1500.

Other costs upfront that you will have to consider are: bed/kennel, vaccinations and desexing, among many more.

Where you adopt your dog from may also affect how much some of these initial costs as some agencies require desexing, vaccinations, micro-chipping, worming, flea treatment, all prior to allowing a dog to be adopted and the fees actually cover those costs.


What is the Cost of a Dog Over Its Lifetime?

Ongoing costs add up as well. You do have the initial upfront costs taken care of, but dogs still require regular check ups with their vet and medications may increase as your dog ages as well.


Cost Of A Dog Per Year

  • Vaccinations and checkups approximately $90
  • Flea and worm treatments approximately $120
  • Food approximately $600
  • Grooming approximately $70
  • Toys and treats approximately $100

Average Yearly Cost = $980

Dog owners can spend more than $25,000 per dog over its lifetime, on average.

Additionally, this doesn’t include expenses for illnesses and injuries or boarding while owners are on holiday. It may not be required but getting insurance for your dogs will help you lessen unexpected expenses should they need medical attention.

Cost Of A Pet Dog Per Year

Take Time for Careful Consideration

Clearly, the cost of a dog can be quite a lot, but as with most things, if you budget for it you can make it work. It’s also important to think of owning a dog as an investment with invaluable returns.

Your dog will become your best friend, but unlike your human friends, your dog depends on you to take care of him. Be sure to take time to carefully consider the cost of a dog before possibly getting into more than you can handle. Want to find out the cost of a cat?

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