NRMA Pet Plus and NRMA Pet Lover's Pack are NRMA pet insurance packages available as add-ons to existing NRMA Insurance Customers. They do not offer specific pet insurance policies.

These additional benefits for home and car insurance will, however, cover your pets in case of injury or emergency at home or while travelling.


NRMA Pet Insurance Review

NRMA pet insurance review

NRMA Pet Plus is an add-on to your car insurance and works similarly to accident or vehicle breakdown cover. The coverage means that if your pet is travelling with you, they are covered in the same way that you are, for boarding, or treatment following an incident.

Below, we’ll look at how it works, and the difference between NRMA Pet Plus, and the NRMA Pet Lover’s Pack.

NRMA Pet Plus Insurance Pros and Cons


  • The Pet Lover’s Pack covers up to $2000 in vet costs if they are hurt in an accident, or need to be boarded following an incident
  • Pet Plus covers the cost of boarding
  • Pet transport for up to $200 per incident
  • Pet accommodation up to $160 per night, $500 per incident
  • Long-distance transport up to $1000 per incident if over 100km from home
  • Access to a national network of vets and pet service providers if required


  • Coverage for dogs and cats only
  • Not medical insurance, and will not cover any routine care or medical conditions.

What Does NRMA Pet Plus Insurance Cover?

NRMA Pet Plus is a roadside cover for your pets, much like a vehicle breakdown cover. If you breakdown away from home and need boarding, your cover can include that as a service, just as they would for you following an accident.

NRMA Pet Plus covers your pets in the same circumstances so that they can be treated at a national network of vets, and be boarded for the night where necessary.

What Pets Does NRMA Pet Plus Cover?

NRMA Pet Plus only covers cats and dogs when added to your existing insurance policy, and should not be treated as a replacement for standard pet insurance.

Does NRMA Pet Plus Cover Older Dogs?

Because Pet Plus and the Pet Lover’s Pack are not medical insurance, they do cover pets of all ages, and your package can start at any time. 

This is down to the fact that they will not cover pre-existing conditions, and do not offer support with routine care, illness, or accidents other than those related to your existing insurance on eligible incidents. The Pet Lover’s Pack will pay some vet bills, but Pet Plus will not.

Refer to our guide If you're looking for information on insurance for older dogs.

Customer Support & Perks with NRMA Pet Plus

NRMA Pet Plus cover your pets in case of injury at home or while travelling

Customer support is generally rated positive by NRMA, particularly around their Pet Plus benefits. For any insurer to offer pet care in a stressful time, with relatively simple T&Cs is logical, but when it's needed, it’s a godsend. 

If you have a home or car policy with them, make sure to add pet lovers pack or pet plus to your cover to avoid disappointment

NRMA Pet Plus Vs Pet Lover’s Pack

There are two add-ons for pets available from NRMA Insurance: NRMA Pet Plus and NRMA Pet Lover’s Pack.

NRMA Pet Plus is an add-on for vehicle insurance and does not cover veterinary costs. It is designed to provide boarding and pet transport in an emergency. NRMA Pet Lover’s pack is an add-on to home insurance policy holders and does cover some medical costs.

NRMA Pet Plus

NRMA Pet Plus does not offer vet cover but will ensure your pet is transported safely home or to kennels, whether travelling locally or interstate. 

Pet Plus will cover the cost of pet transport for up to $200 per incident, or long-distance transport for up to $1000. Pet accommodation is covered up to $500 per incident or $160 per night, and while they do not cover veterinary costs, they do have a network of national vets for emergency support when needed.

Pet Lover’s Pack

The Pet Lover’s Pack is the equivalent of Pet Plus but is an additional home insurance. 

If your pet dog or cat are hurt in an accident at home, they will be covered for up to $2000 in vet costs. If your home is uninhabitable for an event listed on your insurance policy, your pet’s boarding will be included for as long as the policy allows.

And perhaps the most useful addition, which isn’t covered by most home insurers, is that if your cat or dog causes insurable damage to your home, the costs will be covered according to your existing policy. Homeowners in SA, WA, NT are not eligible for cover for damage caused by pets.

Final Thoughts on NRMA Pet Insurance Review

NRMA’s Pet Plus and the Pet Lover’s Pack are excellent perks of insuring with NRMA. They are an additional cost on top of existing insurance, but it means that you can tailor your home and vehicle insurance to your needs.

If you travel regularly around the country, NRMA pet insurance add-ons are an invaluable addition to your insurance policy.

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